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Privacy / Info Resources

Privacy Policy

  • HIPPA stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Privacy Act, directed to protecting you. Our policy adheres to the HIPAA laws and we ensure that your personal and health care information belongs to you, and only to you.
  • When you share information with Michael Brodie Senior Placement, we act as your agent, and protect your information both on-line and in the community.  We do not share your information except with your agreement, and only with your selected and preferred communities, strictly and solely with the purpose of potential admission to such communities.
  • Our agreements with these communities specify that any and all of your information is protected, private and dedicated solely to the purpose of evaluation for admission.
  • You may at any time see your information that is in our files, request that we cease to provide you with services and destroy or delete and personal information about you.
  • If you are in any way dissatisfied with how we are adhering to our Privacy Policy, please contact us immediately at 954-688-6444 or email us at


Inappropriate placements for financial gain are a serious problem in this industry.  There are unscrupulous agents, often inexperienced and untrained in Long Term Care, Geriatrics or Gerontology, that bill illegally, and place people according to the highest commission.  We decry that practice, and place people based on their preferences, in the communities that best meet their needs and budgets.  Our reputation in the community is well established and we will always act professionally and solely in the best interests of our clients.

“You are a model of integrity.  It is a relief to have my father in your hands.”

“Everything you told us was right on target.  Everything you said would happen did.  We are so grateful for your experience and assistance.”

“You really know your facilities.  My mother is so much happier than we ever thought.”

“It is amazing how much time you take, your patience with my mother and your understanding of the issues.”

“I could never have made this move without you.”

“It is so much more than just seeing a facility.  You helped us ask all the right questions, and then you helped us sort out the answers.”

Our Mission
Our mission is to provide seniors, families and caregivers with the knowledge and experience to make an educated decision, with compassionate care and follow up to ensure their decisions lead to their highest quality of life, safety and satisfaction.
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